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Specialist Therapist insurance

Therapist are first and foremost concerned with soothing their clients’ complaints with a wide range of different treatments, but they also need the calm and peaceful feeling that therapist insurance can bring them.
As a therapist, you’ll want your clients to achieve clarity and relief, but insurance can a confusing practice and it’s important to be aware of what kind of cover you need and which will suit your business best.
Just as there are many forms of complementary therapy, so too can therapy insurance come in all shapes and sizes.
However, as a complementary therapist, you will want to devote most of your time to treat your clients and therefore will want to get cover in place with a minimum of fuss.
With any form of complementary therapist insurance, it’s essential to find out what aspects of your business are covered and what unexpected events you need to be prepared for.
So what can you expect to see included in a therapist insurance policy?

Public liability cover

This will help pay any compensation should a member of the public suffer an injury or have their property damaged.  For example a customer tripping on a trailing cable in your salon.

Not all therapist insurance policies will include cover for your treatment risk so you need to make sure that your insurer does include this.  Treatment risk cover is essential for therapists to protect you in the event that a client suffers an injury or reaction to the treatment you are performing.  You will also need to make sure you have an appropriate qualification for any treatments you undertake.

Employers’ liability insurance

Some therapists may work on their own but if your business has blossomed and you have people working for you, it is essential to have employers’ liability insurance. This will cover you for any claims brought against you by people who work for you if they have become ill or injured in the course of carrying out their duties. It is vital to have employers’ liability insurance even if you operate your complementary therapist or beauty therapist business from your own home.

Business premises and equipment and stock insurance

It is vital that any therapist’s premises are welcoming and relaxing. Many will pour lots of money into getting their surroundings just right as a calm setting can greatly aid your clients’ treatment. However, what if something happened to damage those carefully crafted surroundings?
This cover will help you pay for any refurbishments which may be required if your premises are damaged, either by flooding or other natural events, or malicious damage which may result in a break in.
You will also be covered for damage to equipment which you use in the course of your business and the theft or damage of any stock.
Of course, damage to your place of work can put you out of action for a period of time so you can also get covered for any loss of earnings while you aren’t able to practice.
If you run your business from your home, you will still need to have business premises cover as your standard home insurance will not cover you.

Personal accident insurance

This covers you for any injury suffered by someone in your business. It covers serious injury and death and will help pay out compensation to a person or their family.  This will over any injury which occurs on your business premises or any action which is connected to your practice.

Of course, cover will come with exclusions and certain conditions so it’s always important to study all policy documents carefully before purchasing any policy.

No matter what form of complementary therapy you offer, we have the right form of therapist insurance for you.
Whether its aromatherapy, acupuncture, reflexology, massage or any form of complementary treatment, your main focus is to make sure your clients feel that they are in good hands – in some cases quite literally!
That it is why it is important to have comprehensive therapist insurance in place – it gives you peace of mind and lets your clients know that they are dealing with a professional and diligent therapist who has left nothing to chance.

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